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Calls for Scores

Lessons for Everyone

Performing iconic and fundamental works from the established Western canon is certainly an enticing prospect for every performing artist. However, while we realize that there are countless works that deserve to be studied, reimagined, and shared with audiences, we cannot overlook the fact that programming such repertoire inevitably leaves little room for emerging composers to present their creations.

The Art Music Society strives to create a platform for composers to present their works, having them performed by talented musicians in front of live audiences, record them for posterity, and ultimately have the ability to publish them through us.

Music for Everyone

Lessons for Everyone

Music lessons help with congnitive and emotional development, instill structure, and give students a chance to enjoy this wonderful art on a different level. We believe that everyone should have the option of taking music lessons with an experienced teacher. Yet, we realize that many are not fortunate enough to have access to them.

One of our projects, Lessons for Everyone, was created to 1) offer underrepresented children access to free music lessons and equipment and 2) provide talented young teachers from marginalized populations with paid teaching opportunities, as well as access to our career development framework.

Modern technology allows us to conduct lessons remotely and reach students and teachers across the globe. Currently, we would like to focus particularly on victims of the Ukrainian war, giving refugees who have fled their country an opportunity to earn a fair salary while they navigate their difficult ordeal.



Musicians need support throughout their careers, in particular during the delicate transition between academic and professional paths.

Through one of our projects, we provide tailored consulting services to help young musicians and organizations succeed. Here is just a sample of scenarios that our team can help with:

  • Setting up your own teaching studio
  • Creating an artist website
  • Preparing a Press Kit
  • Writing program notes for concert or concert series (including newly-published works)
  • Editing your resume or biography
  • Preparing a college or graduate school application
  • Preparing a job application

Live Events

Art Music Society

While technology has made it possible to enjoy art music conveniently from our homes, offices, and even while traveling, we believe that everyone should have a chance to set everything else aside and focus on experiencing music as it was originally intended—an occasion to share a noble artform with like-minded individuals, interacting with them unincumbered by extraneous elements.

The Art Music Society plans to organize several live events throughout the year, including a concert series in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, a festival in Sarasota, Florida, and a conference in Mérida in neighboring Mexico.

This will give performing artists, educators, composers, musicologists, conductors, theorists, and music enthusiasts several opportunities to be part of our community and forge lasting bonds with fellow musicians.

Streaming Platform and Online Journal

Streaming Platform and Online Journal

Technology has come a long way over the past few decades, making it possible to share music with utter simplicity and convenience. As a result, virtual venues are steadily making their way into the mainstream, which complement live performances beautifully. Moreover, by being independent and mission-driven, we are free to create a unique catalog, focusing on marginalized artists—performers and composers—and make their music known worldwide.

Currently a pipeline project, our Online Journal will eventually become a collection of peer-reviewed articles, program notes, and a wealth of other resources that our readers can use to find out more about art music as well as help navigate their academic and professional careers.