Music for Everyone

Music for Everyone

Art Music Society

Art music should be accessible to students from all backgrounds. It is truly heartbreaking to see music programs being cut from school curricula, which, coupled with the fact that individual music lessons still remains largely reserved for those who have the means to afford them, means that music is getting less and less attention.

Music for Everyone strives to address this issue by providing free music lessons and equipment to underprivileged students as well as a steady income to young music educators who need help sustaining themselves financially, particularly those at the very start of their careers or in dire personal or political situations.

Lessons are conducted remotely, making them accessible worldwide.

We are currently accepting letters of application from young musicians, giving preference to Ukrainian refugees who were forced to flee their war-torn homeland.

Interested in participating? Please send a resume and cover letter summarizing your background to

We also invite you to get in touch if you are from an institution looking to partner with us to offer free music lessons to your students.