Art Music Society. More than classical music.

What do we do? What is our mission?

Art Music Scociety. More than classical music.

Art Music Society Mission

Our mission is to help aspiring young musicians at the start of their professional careers by creating performance, lecture, mentoring and publishing opportunities, focusing particularly on providing support and consulting services to marginalized and underrepresented populations.

Moreover, we strive to make art music accessible to everyone by mentoring young educators and pair them with students from underserved communities so that the former can establish a solid pedagogic foundation and the latter can receive access to lessons free of charge.

Finally, our mission is also to dispel the notion that art music is elitist and exclusive to enjoy for those who possess the means to appreciate it. By creating a community that includes professionals (both aspiring and established), amateur musicians, and music enthusiasts, we aim at connecting everyone that shares a passion for our art.

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